Church History

The vision, ministries, and missions of The Power Center are all products of the ongoing, progressive revelation of the will of the Lord; concerning His church and His Kingdom.

PCI is a Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Cultural, Non-Denominational Church, purposed to reach all mankind by empowering nations with the word of God. Together with passion and focus, we are pursuing the heart of God. We believe in unity, family, and simply the sense of belonging, rather than identifying with a world where it seems we all are going our own ways alone.

PCI existence extends back to the humble beginnings of December 1998 with the first church plant in Atlanta, GA. In November, 2007 a second location was established in Stockton, CA. Later a third location was established in Charlotte, NC led by Apostle and Prophet Thompson.

We are a local church, who welcomes you to come as you are and experience Jesus in a real and living way. We can assure you that your experience will be life changing. This apostolic nature ministry is committed to equip people from the "cradle to the grave" to fulfill the purpose and plan of God in the earth. The Power Center, where your destiny matters.



Vision Statement


By the grace of God, we will produce a worshiping people, co-laboring in a unified and balanced pursuit of the Great Commission of our Lord, Jesus Christ. While targeting the multi-ethnic, multi-cultural South Charlotte and surrounding harvesting areas, we desire to effectively minister to people of diverse social, economic and ethnic backgrounds. We will unite them in Kingdom love and purpose by preaching the gospel of the Kingdom, coupled with the teaching of the "uncompromised" Word of God.


We will employ both modern and progressive methods that include, but are not limited to; weekly worship services, conference evangelism, media ministry and creative outreaches for children, teens and young adults. We will endeavor to share our victorious lives in Christ Jesus with an unregenerate and perishing world. Our energy and resources will focus on developing a harvesting and healing haven in the Carolinas and empowering this local congregation to be living witnesses of Christ's Resurrection power in every place.











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